Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings is the largest manufacturer of powders coatings and the leading developer of powder coatings technologies.

Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings has 29 powder coating manufacturing and development centers and 25 trading offices, employing over 4000 persons throughout the world. The central office is based in Sassenheim, the Netherlands. Innovative products are offered to clients under the brand names Interpon and Resicoat.

The international network ensures innovative solutions, stable quality and efficient customer service at the local level. The company's experience ranges from polyester polymer solutions to the patented powder technology - there are projects, helping create unique products perfectly tailored to the client's needs. The company's technologies are aimed to enhance products and processes, to form an integrated global approach supported by Worldwide Powder Group (WWPG), guaranteeing stable quality of products wherever they would be produced.

The technological base is controlled centrally, making it possible to repeatedly produce any coatings in any production centre at the top quality level. All these factors contribute to strengthening the position of Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings among the original equipment manufacturers (OEM's), architects, companies developing specifications, work performers, contractors and sub-contractors for large international projects around the world.

Why powder coatings?

Powders coatings contain no solvents, they are suitable for metal and other surfaces: metal furniture, window apertures, radiators, pipes, cars, computers, wood and glass. Selecting coatings, it is important to analyze visual look, durability, costs and environmental impact. Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings offers coatings, finding the most optimum solution for each of these important aspects.

Presently, environmentally-friendly coatings are of the highest demand. If your company sets strict requirements to the longevity of solutions, you should know that:

  • Interpon powder coatings do not contain solvents (VOCs - Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Certified according to the global environmental protection requirements (SMaRT)
  • Powder coating process results in less waste compared to liquid paints
  • A special particle management technology makes it possible to gain more advantages compared to traditional powders:
  • Residue treatment with >95% usage efficiency
  • Lower fire risk
  • New, low-temperature coatings, requiring lower temperature in furnaces, thus lowering energy consumption
  • Potentially lower painting costs

Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings is proud of its contribution to environmental protection. Speaking in eco-friendly words, the slogan Every Color Is Green perfectly reflects the company's vision.